"They were absolutely amazing. The caught every detail from wedding preparations, ceremony, and reception. The best part was that I didn’t even know they were there. They were professional and got the job done without any stress to us. "


~Carolyn Federici~



My family lived on Royalton Rd. next to the old high school, long gone now, in the mid ‘50’s. Dad was the Scout Master for Troop 218 (I believe).

I remember him marching up to the cemetery at the top of the hill on Memorial Day and listening in silence to the guns echo and the playing of Taps. Thanks for the memories.


 Gary Romanik Class of 1958

North Royalton Elementary School

Miami Shores, FL


"They worked as per my instructions and added their suggestions as well to use a teleprompter to make it easy for my customer. They visited our customer's office before the actual shoot day to figure out the best possible angle to shoot, office location etc. to avoid wasting time on the day of shoot"


~Abhi Patel~

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