January 27 2016

Media Composer-FIRST

Avid has finally started working on a pared down version of media composer for those possible used the old Liquid intermediate version of NLE from Avid. The consumer version is Pinnacle, easy to use but always costing you to add effects and plugins. Then you go right into professional MC with the whole gamit of options, this is the direction I went, just diving right into the difficult learning curve of Avid.

Now there is an intermediate option with Media composer First. Not sure the cost but seems it will have a lot of options to create story and worry less about the editing.

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December 3 2014

Dual Recording All Events

Video To Life Productions is now recording all events with dual recording cards. That means if one card corrupts you event is still recorded on the other card. Three High Definition cameras can dual record for 2 1/2 hours continuous. This can be done again for a later event and to make sure we don’t need to recharge batteries we have enough for 10 of shooting.

All this for your historic edit of your event, moment by precious moment…forever.

August 13 2014

Media Composer Restore Bins after OS re-install

Avid Adventure Series 101 Having corrupted windows files I decided it’s time for an OS re-install. Back up other drives and then went to “C’ drive and copied my external project files, my Avid mediafiles are already on a separate hard drive. Being late at night I thought all the files had back up even though I remember an error I checked the file size and all seemed to be there. When I copied the external project back to “C” drive and loaded the project I saw no bins? Why going into the project folder I saw they were gone they simply did not copy. I knew I copied the Avid Attic but would the same thing have happened? No they were there why? Because Avid Attic has a different extension then the .avb of the media Composer bins. The procedure to restore is:

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July 29 2014

New Printer Canon Pixma MG 5420

In the vast world of printers I settled  on a new printer for specifically DVD printing however I found out this is one of the easiest printer to pull the printhead out and clean if needed. I am told you only need to dab some rubbing alcohol on the print heads to clean them but you can pull them out easy too for more thorough cleaning.
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June 5 2014

Media Composers switching to FCPX?

Often among editors you hear about the new FCPX as a workflow that easier, but this article from Kevin P McAuliffe talks about what’s important for editing. The crux of what his message is:

“the real test to see if FCPX is ready for Professional use to to take a look at how many Avid or Premiere Pro facilities have switched from MC/PP over to FCPX”

I have always believe Avid with it’s team environment was the way to learn an EDL and also from Douglas Bruce’s’ change to Sony Edius these two are the only network sharing workflows. Premiere is good but I don’t believe you can share project live in the cloud or IP connectivity. 


Do Professional Editors care about FCPX (anymore)?

Read Kevin P McAuliffe article here


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