September 3 2016

Avid Media Composer 8.5 NOW HAS PLURALEYES

Kevin P McAuliffe demos the new waveform sync in Media Composer 8.5. You can take all the cameras and group link by selecting the new waveform sync. This is just like the Plureyes product and will allow you to move quickly into  multi cam editing.

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Multicam Editing in v8.5
waveform sync

Don’t have MC8.5 and want to sync with using just the audio scrubbing? Here you can watch Kevin P McAuliffe explain how to do that.

Multicam Editing in Avid Media Composer

May 4 2016

Videography Rights And The Law

Photography and the Law: Photographers’ Rights and Releases

Updated: 5/15/2014   Released: 5/5/2014

Learn about your rights as a photographer, from what and where you can shoot and how those photos can be published, to getting releases and respecting other’s copyrights and trademarks.

With Ben Long and Caroline Wright

Some of the things I learned from this lesson are: Continue reading

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May 2 2016

Lowel Tota Socket Replacement

After an accident having my Tota blown over in the wind I was never able to figure out what got damaged. I have power in both the sockets but can not make the bulb light up. I was about to look for a used socket but after doing some research I found that you can buy a new socket assembly for $15 with shipping.

lowel Light tota spring end
Lowel Tota Light Spring Socket
lowel Light tota both ends
Lowel Tota Light Socket assemply


April 20 2016

Avid Media Composer: Delete Effect & Move Clip Answers

Recently I asked two questions on the Avid Media composer forum of problems I have been having I am sure many others editors will run across.

  1. First problem was trying to move a clip down the timeline to line up with the audio track. The answer was to select the clip and then use the keys “M” & “/” to tap the clip into position.
  2. Second was deleting an effect between two dissolves, Media Composer likes to delete the transition first before the effect. Answer is to select the clip first and then delete the effect.  You can use the segment mode with either the overwrite or the splice in tool.
March 19 2016

New Blue or BCC 10 Studio Titler?

I have been thinking of buying into New Blue Titler especially with the discount on my account page however I remembered BCC 10 came out with Studio Titler which after examining looked a lot like Boris Red FX.

Douglas Bruce the maker of so many tutorials on Boris Red FX reminded me that a lot of what I see in the demos of these products we can make right in Boris Red FX. Here is what he has to say.
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February 27 2016

China Products Outprice American Goods

I was a little suspicious when an Ebay ad claimed they could sell me a battery charger for my Canon BP970 battery for only $9.40? With Free shipping. However it finally came in after 20 days just like they said. Here is the package.

package  Charger in wall
Yes, From the address on the package it came across the Atlantic ocean. But also on E Bay there is a new charger for only $3.66 with free shipping.

E Bay Canon Battery charger
How can America complete against this kind of pricing?