April 4 2014

Tri-C Happenings

Private Screening May 6, 2016

Starts at 5:30 with dinner and screening at 7:00 pm.

Private Screening at the Art Museum March 25, 2016

Private Screening Goes to the Museum

March 25th, 7pm-9pm at the Cleveland Museum of Art Recital Hall and Education Lobby: A series of films curated by Associate Professor of Media Arts and Filmmaking, Miriam Bennett around the theme of threshold spaces.

“Liminality is the in-between moments, the space between an inciting incident in a story and the protagonist’s resolution. It is often a period of discomfort, of waiting, and of transformation.”
(Joe Bunting)

Private Screening is an annual juried showcase of new works from Tri-C’s media arts filmmaking students. Private Screening Goes to the Museum will bring these emerging filmmakers to a new audience through a program of films curated by Miriam Bennett that explore liminality and the nature of threshold spaces. The hour-long program will feature selected works from the filmmakers of Tri-C’s Private Screening.

Works have been selected from filmmakers whose first films screened at Private Screening, Tri-C’s long running annual student film festival. The student-organized festival, which is now in its 13th year, has accrued an enthusiastic and loyal following of alumni, current students, and film lovers who come together each year to view the newest student films.

The films will be followed by a brief question and answer session with the filmmakers and a catered reception in the Cleveland Museum of Art Education Lobby. This event is free and open to the public.


Gravity Spoof

The Students at Tri-c’s Digital Cinematography class this spring produce a very funny and well put together video parody of how the producer put together the hit movie Gravity.


Philosophy Club West Day

Whistle Blowers-Anti American?

Whistle Blowers of Today & Yesterday!
Hear the presentations of our club members outlining

April 15th 3:oo pm at West campus Room WSS G04A


Tri-C Portfolio Show

This May 1st Friday; between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm

Where: Tri-C Metro Black Box Studio (main floor-creative arts building)

See all the information here: http://vcdportfolio.com/


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