March 20 2017

NLE Companies Working With Their Professtionals

I have always been interested as to what makes Media Composer a top of the line editing system. I don’t believe there is an answer as to why one NLE is better than another for all NLE can do what another can but just in a different way.

Larry Jorden was lamenting about Apple’s slow response to customers especially professionals regarding updating their products.

It Wouldn’t Hurt Apple to Give Us a Clue
“Since Tim’s comments, news articles appeared with quotes from users who no longer believe Apple knows how to live up to Tim’s promises.”

I compared that to what the Avid blog put out regarding listening to and responding to the needs of their editors. Avid has a lot of interesting updates they are working on which you can see in this blog post. I encourage you to check out and read how Avid is working with their customers.

Editors on Avid: Cutting Faster with Media Composer

“why editors choose Media Composer to tell compelling stories. In this article, we’ll learn how Media Composer accelerates editing workflows for video professionals everywhere.”

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