March 8 2017

Avid Customer Association VOTE!

Avid is conducting a vote on what features to work on next. Below is my vote for future features in which the first seven seem very exciting to have enhanced.

  • Enhanced Visual Effects Model – Expand support for third parties (such as AfterEffects, Baselight, Nuke)
  • Alpha Channel Support – Ability to treat alpha independently with effects

  1. Next Gen Title Tool – Next-gen title tool that supports greater than HD resolution and provides in-context editing within the Composer window
  2. Transfer/Blending Modes – Enhance effects processing by Add, Multiply, Screen, etc.
  3. Enhanced Color Correction – Shape-based color correction, integrated color management, performance and usability enhancements. Higher precision processing.
  4. Live Timeline – Uninterupted playback while performing other actions
  5. Background Save – Ability to work uniterrupted while the app is constantly saving
  6. Render Engine Distributed Platform Service – Create background rendering service that can also be used for mixdown and export
  7. Integrated MediaCentral Window – MediaCentral window integrated into Media Composer provides access to platform functionality
  8. Enhanced User Interface – Enhance UI, including font smoothing, hover scrubbing, “live” UI, and dockable UI panels
  9. Timeline Audio Effects – Allow audio effects to be keyframable
  10. Multi-cam Enhancements – Enhanced grouping functionality, non-native rates/rasters in groups, manipulate split layouts, metadata enhancements, support for stereo audio in grouped clips
  11. Real Time Collaboration – Real time collaboration by users in different geographic locations
  12. Improve Interop with Pro Tools (better round tripping with Media Composer) – Seamless Interop between Media Composer and Pro Tools


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