January 14 2017

Continuous Ink Flow Systems Advise

After the death of yet another printer used by VTLP I learned some things that might be of help to others using CIS inks. I received an “end of the life printer head error” that went away and shortly later got an “end of life ink pad” error. The printer just cleaned the heads so much it filled the ink pads inside the printer that catch extra ink.

It would seem to me that  I could replace the ink pads as they only cost twenty dollars, however; it was reaching the “end of the print head” so spending any more money and time would be foolish.

Here is the takeaway of what I learned, the printer repair shop said if you use CIS inks they are runnier and you create a lot more drainage from head cleanings. This, of course, ends your print head life faster. Since buying brand ink would be more expensive, I would still use CIS inks but follow these recommendations:

  1. Never do a lot of head cleanings but instead try to use your printer twice a week to keep the print head flowing.
  2. If you are having print head nozzle check problems then try using a print head cleaner.
  3. Do not do more the two cleanings without resting. If this is not working go right to using the solution.

Video To Life Productions recommends dealing with http://www.cisinks.com/ because of their great phone response with support. Then they are in the office they try to answer every phone call but writing them an email will also get a response.

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