May 4 2016

Google Presentation of Adwords

Meeting Real Google People

Here in Cleveland on May 3, 2016 I had an invitation to meet representatives of Google from their web site:

They wanted business owners to register online but being able to meet them in person I was able to ask some questions about how parts of Google work.

  1. I learned that my Google plus business page was not the business page but rather the Brand page. You have a personal Google plus account along with a brand page associated with that personal page and a business profile.
  2. I was once registered but was surprised to find I was not registered as a business with Google yet I remember seeing my location on the map. They must have changed something.
Google May 3, 2016-Lets put our cities on the map-Sun
SEO speaker could have talked for 16 hours she said
Business owners learning about how to get noticed
Google May 3, 2016-Lets put our cities on the map-tables of computers
Plenty of seats behind these rows, coffee and pastries. Google did a nice event, lots of red shirt people to talk to.

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