March 19 2016

New Blue or BCC 10 Studio Titler?

I have been thinking of buying into New Blue Titler especially with the discount on my account page however I remembered BCC 10 came out with Studio Titler which after examining looked a lot like Boris Red FX.

Douglas Bruce the maker of so many tutorials on Boris Red FX reminded me that a lot of what I see in the demos of these products we can make right in Boris Red FX. Here is what he has to say.

But if anyone using Boris RED actually starts to dig down and use the functions as they were intended they may be surprised to find out the real scope of Boris REDs abilities.
Compared to other FX applications out there Boris RED is one of the few that actually gives you everything in the one packet at a reasonable price. There is no need to buy plug-in packs and filter packs to bring it up to full strength.
It is all there from the moment you install it.

I think he is right after studying his tutorials I found that I have learned the tools and not just the finished effect but rather how to get there.

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