January 27 2016

Media Composer-FIRST

Avid has finally started working on a pared down version of media composer for those possible used the old Liquid intermediate version of NLE from Avid. The consumer version is Pinnacle, easy to use but always costing you to add effects and plugins. Then you go right into professional MC with the whole gamit of options, this is the direction I went, just diving right into the difficult learning curve of Avid.

Now there is an intermediate option with Media composer First. Not sure the cost but seems it will have a lot of options to create story and worry less about the editing.

Q. What are the limitations of Media Composer | First compared to full Media Composer?
A. At this time we aren’t releasing detailed information on the feature set, as Media Composer | First is still in development, and won’t be available until later in 2016. However you can expect a limited feature set that makes Media Composer | First less intimidating to new users, but also less appealing to power users. You can expect fewer settings, menus, timeline tracks, monitor features, bin features, titling features, effects and other features than the full Media Composer. You can also expect that Media Composer | First won’t work with Avid Interplay Production, Interplay MAM, or MediaCentral UX, and that shared projects won’t be supported on ISIS storage systems. In addition, all projects will be stored in the cloud, and you’ll get a limited number of projects and a limited amount of cloud storage space. There will be options to expand Media Composer | First, from additional project and storage capacity to plug-ins, options, and additional applications to stock footage and music to upgrades to the full Media Composer.


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