January 27 2016

You Tube Copyright and Smartsound

I have decided to start using You Tube again for videos in order for my clients to view and share without needing a Vimeo account. The problem has always been artist who make blanket claims knowing they gave out other licensing rights. Here is Smartsounds explanation:

Some (not all) of the copyright holders of some of our music have issued various licenses for their works. However, YouTube’s music identification system is not able to distinguish between different licenses, just the works themselves. Therefore improper flagging of music can sometimes happen. If you received a notice from YouTube regarding our music in your video there are a couple of options to consider:
  1. Do nothing and let the artist place ads on your work
  2. Switch your videos to Vimeo where there are no ads.
  3. Contest through the services below

I chose to start contesting and have had success with AdRev. They responded quickly and look over my You Tube channel for other copyright tags. All music used in any video is always Royalty free at Video to Life productions and when you share one of our videos you will not be dinged with a copyright strike from You Tube.


BFM Digital
disputes@ theorchard.com


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1-30-16 Update: You Tube has released the artist hold on my monetizing of the Rascals at Whipps Ledges Hinckley, Ohio .
This is my first You Tube copyright victory.



copy right won Whipps ledges

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