March 8 2017

Avid Customer Association VOTE!

Avid is conducting a vote on what features to work on next. Below is my vote for future features in which the first seven seem very exciting to have enhanced.

  • Enhanced Visual Effects Model – Expand support for third parties (such as AfterEffects, Baselight, Nuke)
  • Alpha Channel Support – Ability to treat alpha independently with effects

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March 7 2017

How to track your stolen camera bags

As a video professional, you probably work out of your camera bag and take it as your one grip bag on the job. What if you have you back turned and someone takes that bag with possibly with your camera, lens or SD cards full of material. Now there is a new device that will let you track that bag as it moves away so you can guild the police to the culprit.

For about $30 per unit, you can track items on the cell phone. Yes, it depends on there being a cell phone user who also has TrackR running on their phone too, but if it’s a crowded event you might get more information fast. If you get within a hundred feet of the culprit you can just ask them to hand it over.

March 3 2017

Working For Free

By my mentor in Avid editing; the great Kevin P McAuliffe.

“And as for putting things on your reel, they can be an utter disaster.  I’ve seen editors put together a montage of all the things they’ve worked on, which shows me they can edit a montage, but nothing else.  For me, send me a link to your YouTube page (or Vimeo) that gives me clear examples of things you’ve worked on. “


You’re not doing anyone any favours, especially yourself!

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