August 13 2014

Media Composer Restore Bins after OS re-install

Avid Adventure Series 101 Having corrupted windows files I decided it’s time for an OS re-install. Back up other drives and then went to “C’ drive and copied my external project files, my Avid mediafiles are already on a separate hard drive. Being late at night I thought all the files had back up even though I remember an error I checked the file size and all seemed to be there. When I copied the external project back to “C” drive and loaded the project I saw no bins? Why going into the project folder I saw they were gone they simply did not copy. I knew I copied the Avid Attic but would the same thing have happened? No they were there why? Because Avid Attic has a different extension then the .avb of the media Composer bins. The procedure to restore is:

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