June 5 2014

Media Composers switching to FCPX?

Often among editors you hear about the new FCPX as a workflow that easier, but this article from Kevin P McAuliffe talks about what’s important for editing. The crux of what his message is:

“the real test to see if FCPX is ready for Professional use to to take a look at how many Avid or Premiere Pro facilities have switched from MC/PP over to FCPX”

I have always believe Avid with it’s team environment was the way to learn an EDL and also from Douglas Bruce’s’ change to Sony Edius these two are the only network sharing workflows. Premiere is good but I don’t believe you can share project live in the cloud or IP connectivity. 


Do Professional Editors care about FCPX (anymore)?

Read Kevin P McAuliffe article here


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