April 20 2016

Avid Media Composer: Delete Effect & Move Clip Answers

Recently I asked two questions on the Avid Media composer forum of problems I have been having I am sure many others editors will run across.

  1. First problem was trying to move a clip down the timeline to line up with the audio track. The answer was to select the clip and then use the keys “M” & “/” to tap the clip into position.
  2. Second was deleting an effect between two dissolves, Media Composer likes to delete the transition first before the effect. Answer is to select the clip first and then delete the effect.  You can use the segment mode with either the overwrite or the splice in tool.
August 13 2014

Media Composer Restore Bins after OS re-install

Avid Adventure Series 101 Having corrupted windows files I decided it’s time for an OS re-install. Back up other drives and then went to “C’ drive and copied my external project files, my Avid mediafiles are already on a separate hard drive. Being late at night I thought all the files had back up even though I remember an error I checked the file size and all seemed to be there. When I copied the external project back to “C” drive and loaded the project I saw no bins? Why going into the project folder I saw they were gone they simply did not copy. I knew I copied the Avid Attic but would the same thing have happened? No they were there why? Because Avid Attic has a different extension then the .avb of the media Composer bins. The procedure to restore is:

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