August 26 2020

Live Stream Medina Republican Headquarters Opening

Had the chance to do some live streaming August 23, 2020 at the grand opening of the Medina Republican Headquarters.  It was only me doing interviews but with a full crew you could have seen multiple cameras, commercial inserts, lower thirds. We now have a generator to be totally independent of the event organizers, we just come in and take care of it all.

The version you see below is post edited for quality and content interviews.

These are some of the pictures from the live shoot.


May 2 2016

Lowel Tota Socket Replacement

After an accident having my Tota blown over in the wind I was never able to figure out what got damaged. I have power in both the sockets but can not make the bulb light up. I was about to look for a used socket but after doing some research I found that you can buy a new socket assembly for $15 with shipping.

lowel Light tota spring end
Lowel Tota Light Spring Socket
lowel Light tota both ends
Lowel Tota Light Socket assemply


February 27 2016

China Products Outprice American Goods

I was a little suspicious when an Ebay ad claimed they could sell me a battery charger for my Canon BP970 battery for only $9.40? With Free shipping. However it finally came in after 20 days just like they said. Here is the package.

package  Charger in wall
Yes, From the address on the package it came across the Atlantic ocean. But also on E Bay there is a new charger for only $3.66 with free shipping.

E Bay Canon Battery charger
How can America complete against this kind of pricing?

December 3 2014

Dual Recording All Events

Video To Life Productions is now recording all events with dual recording cards. That means if one card corrupts you event is still recorded on the other card. Three High Definition cameras can dual record for 2 1/2 hours continuous. This can be done again for a later event and to make sure we don’t need to recharge batteries we have enough for 10 of shooting.

All this for your historic edit of your event, moment by precious moment…forever.

July 29 2014

New Printer Canon Pixma MG 5420

In the vast world of printers I settled  on a new printer for specifically DVD printing however I found out this is one of the easiest printer to pull the printhead out and clean if needed. I am told you only need to dab some rubbing alcohol on the print heads to clean them but you can pull them out easy too for more thorough cleaning.
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