March 8 2017

Avid Customer Association VOTE!

Avid is conducting a vote on what features to work on next. Below is my vote for future features in which the first seven seem very exciting to have enhanced.

  • Enhanced Visual Effects Model – Expand support for third parties (such as AfterEffects, Baselight, Nuke)
  • Alpha Channel Support – Ability to treat alpha independently with effects

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March 3 2017

Working For Free

By my mentor in Avid editing; the great Kevin P McAuliffe.

“And as for putting things on your reel, they can be an utter disaster.  I’ve seen editors put together a montage of all the things they’ve worked on, which shows me they can edit a montage, but nothing else.  For me, send me a link to your YouTube page (or Vimeo) that gives me clear examples of things you’ve worked on. “


You’re not doing anyone any favours, especially yourself!

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February 2 2017

Happy Birthday No longer Copyrighted-Cheers!

While doing some research clearing sync rights I came across this trivial fact that people may not well know about. We all heard on the news you could not sing Happy Birthday in the restaurant, however; that has all changed as of 2015 and the song is now in public domain.

Warner/Chappell Music

“Among the songs in the company’s library are “Winter Wonderland” and formerly “Happy Birthday to You” until the copyright of the song was invalidated in 2015 and put in the public domain the next year.[7]

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January 7 2017

Avid’s Plans for 2017

Larry Jordan interviews Avid’s senior director product development David Colantuoni

  1. Third party interaction with Media Central.
  2. HDR media- Yes you can display and color grade HDR. You can use Adobe vision monitor
  3. Pro tools intergraded with Media Composer.
  4. Working on Media Composer First along with Pro Tools first for first time users.
  5. Deployment of virtual and cloud based systems.  Virtual Reality is in something in Avid’s focus. Working with mete data.

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May 4 2016

Videography Rights And The Law

Photography and the Law: Photographers’ Rights and Releases

Updated: 5/15/2014   Released: 5/5/2014

Learn about your rights as a photographer, from what and where you can shoot and how those photos can be published, to getting releases and respecting other’s copyrights and trademarks.

With Ben Long and Caroline Wright

Some of the things I learned from this lesson are: Continue reading

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