The most important aspect of video work is the editing.


Here at Video To Life Productions your precious memories are faithfully watched, enhanced and finally creatively arranged to tell your story

."A story your audience will want to sit through, enjoy and tell their friends"


We pride ourselves on working with your already digitized: vacation, wedding, sports highlights, hunting, reunions. Not digitized?



We pride ourselves on working with your already digitized: vacation, wedding,  sports highlights, hunting, reunions. Not digitized? We could transfer your:

  • VHS  and VHS -c tapes,
  • Mini DV tapes
  • 8mm analog or digital tapes
  • We do not do-8mm or 16mm Film; however we can direct you to facilities that do.

What We Do

  • Genealogy Video- Your life story, video of yourself telling the story, your pictures, diplomas, accreditation, news articles, memories of your life to be past down to your children.
  • Your Vacation Video- You video taped lots of DV of you vacation but need a half hour show for company.
  • Music video of your pictures. This is not just a slide show but rhythmic movement of your pictures with the beat of the music.
  • Order a video done of your family reunion picnic, your child's performance.




Interested in video taping School Plays and Performances? It can be done legally with proper rights. This can be a great fund raiser to have DVD purchased to help recuperate cost of the production.


Parents and attendees would want to have an historical record of what the school had accomplish as a memory for graduates as they look back on their alma mater.

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