Prices of Services

  • Transfers

    • Cost to Transfer (to DVD)

    • What Types Of Media We Transfer

      We can Transfer


      • VHS Tapes
      • C-VHS tapes
      • Mini DV Tapes
      • 8 mm Tapes analog or digital

      We do not work with film. I encourage you to have the film digitized and given to you in an Mpeg 4 or Quick Time format using the H.264 codec.

      We cannot transfer


    • Extras

      Add $12 and get....

      1. Titles.
      2. Cut out blank spots, fuzzy or blue screens.
      3. Brighten darker spans footage.
      4. Resize or tilt to better fit screen.

      This is general fixing up at the discretion of VTLP. For more extensive work see our editing rates.

      $18 Transfer Plus $12 Editing= $30 for both

    • Audio Transfer (CD disc)

      Cassette Tapes to CD disc

      $12.00 per CD

      One hour tape=One CD

  • Video Taping

    • General Events

      Video Taping Events



            -$120 per hour plus initial $45 for first hour

                         (Comes with one camera operator)



            -$240 per hour plus initial $60 for first hour

                         (Comes with two camera operators)



            -$300 per hour plus initial $90 for first hour

                     (Comes with three or more camera operators)



      Six Hour Wedding-
      one camera for one hour (morning),

      three cameras for two hours (ceremony)

      and then two cameras for three hours (reception)


      $120 (one camera-one hour), plus $600 (three cameras-two hours- plus initial $90, plus $240 (two cameras for three hours) = $1,530.00


      Price includes Historic editing and Basic Authored DVD.


       Historic editing is just making the cuts live. See Editing Prices for General or Professional Editing!

    • Commercial Video Recording

      Commercial Video Recording is for film sets where there is a director, script writer, Director of Photography. The work would include more lighting, grip and gaff equipment.

      It may also include extra crew such as audio person, makeup & costume, Assistant Director. It may include a separate B crew to work on walking interviews, video the stage or waiting on guest to interview. 

      This would be difficult to price and any work in this area would need to attain a price after a consultation with VTLP regarding the needs of the project.

    • Genealogy Life Stories

      • Your interview filmed at your house, for two hours.
      • Filmed with three point lighting.
      • Plan your story and film with the objective in mind.
      • Collect images and documents to be scanned. (limit 100)
      • Time code your video for you to review and edit using an EDL (edit decision list)
      • Review music off you're entitled to select one album off site plus access what albums are already available from Video to life Productions.
      • Using your EDL to create titles, Clip placement and song selections.

      • $360.00 One hour of finished Video ($3.00 each additional copy)
      • $100 additional to pick album from smart sound


    • Interview

    • Concerts

    • Weddings


      After paying for General Events (above) Video Taping prices you can add:


      • Love Montage- A collection of hand picked moments edited with music from smart sounds.
      • Royalty Free Song- bought from Musing services that offer songs for wedding applications.


      Ask For Pricing

  • Editing Prices


    *General Editing is geared toward clients that have archived footage they want to show to family at gatherings


    *Professional Editing is tailored for clients who want specific things and polished video.


    • General Editing

      Vacation Footage, Wedding, Sports, Retirement Parties, Family Reunions, Dance Recitals

       Conferences, Interviews


      • Taped by VTLP (meaning additional taping price) or Captured footage from
        VHS, DV tape, mini DVD, SD card.
      • Static Titles, generic Lower Thirds.
      • Color Correction over a span of clips (all clips in basement). Noise Reduction (if needed)
      • Authored DVD.
      • Need to pay the above capture charge unless the footage is already digitized. (capture media at $18 for two hours of material)
      •  VTLP determines the edit decision. One redo is allowed.
      • This editing is for consumer like hunting videos, family reunions, vacation footage.


      -$120.00 One hour of finished Video

      -$30.00 for each finished 15 minutes

      -$3.00 each additional copy of DVD


    • Intermediate Editing

      * Between General  and Professional Editing attributes.


      * Quoted based on review of footage and client needs.

    • Professional Editing

      • Footage was taped by VTLP (meaning additional taping price)
      • Use of Smart Sound Music or special music client pays for.
      • Motion titles, creative lower thirds
      • Clip specific color correction (each camera/clip is assessed for levels and look).
      • Audio narrative trimming, Sweetening & clean up of  “Um” or “Uh".
      • Could include supers, PIP, masking, special effects based on VTLP decisions. (main singer with Background singers from different cameras blended in back). See example here.
      • Deluxe authored DVD disc.
      • This pricing is also used for video repair work, started by other editors, shot outside of VTLP.
      • $90 for 15 minutes.
    • Specific Editing

      Editing that is under the clients direction


      • Working with client
      • Client determines the edit decisions
      • This would be just where the cuts should go and/or, where the audio breaks should be. VTLP still retains decision making rights as an independent contractor not as a work for hire.
      • Would not include creating the effect, trimming the edits, designing titles



      General Editing Prices Apply

      $15.00 per hour




    • Time Stripe Your Video

      • Captured or taped material
      • Allows client to determine ins and outs.
      • Added to captured  and/or video taped prices.
      • Added to editing prices.
      • $12 per hour of material, per camera angle.
    • Add A Voice Over

      Voice Over-  After paying for the Transfer and/or General Editing price you can have a narrative recorded and added to the material.

      This could be for a slide Show, multi VHS edit or talk about your children's best basketball moves on the court.


      •    Recording of your comments or narrative placed over the video.
      •    This includes separating & matching where the voice over will go in the work


      $30.00 per 30 minutes of recording

    • Slide show

      Includes pictures, digitized video footage, captured VHS, your voice over


      • You chose the music (
      • Includes scanning your photos and touching up photos.
      • Up to 75 photos
      • $90.00 Video ($3.00 each additional copy)

      $90.00 Video ($3.00 each additional copy)

  • Professional Commercial Work

    • Business Commercials


      • 5 minute finished video.
      • Canon XF-100 Broadcast quality HD cameras
      • Cameras shoot at 50 mbps with 4:2:2 color sampling
      • Location scouting, work script with owner, story board shots, professionally light and video taped, edited and encoded into DNxHD, H.264, AVCHD or Quicktime.


      -$750.00 for up to five minute finished video. includes production crew, you supply employees or for extra cost we supply the actors. You get all edited footage of event






    • Personal Blogs

      • Write text, upload pictures and video to your galleries.
      • Includes on going instruction and maintenance of blog.


      -$50.00 -to set up blog

      -$  5.00 per month to service

      See example Here

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