February 2 2017

Happy Birthday No longer Copyrighted-Cheers!

While doing some research clearing sync rights I came across this trivial fact that people may not well know about. We all heard on the news you could not sing Happy Birthday in the restaurant, however; that has all changed as of 2015 and the song is now in public domain.

Warner/Chappell Music

“Among the songs in the company’s library are “Winter Wonderland” and formerly “Happy Birthday to You” until the copyright of the song was invalidated in 2015 and put in the public domain the next year.[7]


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January 14 2017

Continuous Ink Flow Systems Advise

After the death of yet another printer used by VTLP I learned some things that might be of help to others using CIS inks. I received an “end of the life printer head error” that went away and shortly later got an “end of life ink pad” error. The printer just cleaned the heads so much it filled the ink pads inside the printer that catch extra ink.

It would seem to me that  I could replace the ink pads as they only cost twenty dollars, however; it was reaching the “end of the print head” so spending any more money and time would be foolish.

Here is the takeaway of what I learned, the printer repair shop said if you use CIS inks they are runnier and you create a lot more drainage from head cleanings. This, of course, ends your print head life faster. Since buying brand ink would be more expensive, I would still use CIS inks but follow these recommendations: Continue reading

January 7 2017

Avid’s Plans for 2017

Larry Jordan interviews Avid’s senior director product development David Colantuoni

  1. Third party interaction with Media Central.
  2. HDR media- Yes you can display and color grade HDR. You can use Adobe vision monitor
  3. Pro tools intergraded with Media Composer.
  4. Working on Media Composer First along with Pro Tools first for first time users.
  5. Deployment of virtual and cloud based systems.  Virtual Reality is in something in Avid’s focus. Working with mete data.


David Colantuoni: Avid’s Plans for 2017

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September 3 2016

Avid Media Composer 8.5 NOW HAS PLURALEYES

Kevin P McAuliffe demos the new waveform sync in Media Composer 8.5. You can take all the cameras and group link by selecting the new waveform sync. This is just like the Plureyes product and will allow you to move quickly into  multi cam editing.

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Multicam Editing in v8.5
waveform sync

Don’t have MC8.5 and want to sync with using just the audio scrubbing? Here you can watch Kevin P McAuliffe explain how to do that.

Multicam Editing in Avid Media Composer

May 4 2016

Videography Rights And The Law

Photography and the Law: Photographers’ Rights and Releases

Updated: 5/15/2014   Released: 5/5/2014


Learn about your rights as a photographer, from what and where you can shoot and how those photos can be published, to getting releases and respecting other’s copyrights and trademarks.

With Ben Long and Caroline Wright


Some of the things I learned from this lesson are: Continue reading

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May 2 2016

Lowel Tota Socket Replacement

After an accident having my Tota blown over in the wind I was never able to figure out what got damaged. I have power in both the sockets but can not make the bulb light up. I was about to look for a used socket but after doing some research I found that you can buy a new socket assembly for $15 with shipping.

lowel Light tota spring end
Lowel Tota Light Spring Socket
lowel Light tota both ends
Lowel Tota Light Socket assemply


April 20 2016

Avid Media Composer: Delete Effect & Move Clip Answers

Recently I asked two questions on the Avid Media composer forum of problems I have been having I am sure many others editors will run across.

  1. First problem was trying to move a clip down the timeline to line up with the audio track. The answer was to select the clip and then use the keys “M” & “/” to tap the clip into position.
  2. Second was deleting an effect between two dissolves, Media Composer likes to delete the transition first before the effect. Answer is to select the clip first and then delete the effect.  You can use the segment mode with either the overwrite or the splice in tool.