April 30 2020

Live Streaming and your Event

Live Streaming is all the rage and will be for the future. However there is more to live streaming then just hooking up a camera and uploading to Face Book. Why not give Video To Life Productions a call to find out how much more your live stream can be with professional video equipment and graphics to turn your live stream into a TV production!

For those looking for Video Capture Cards I have compiled a current list as of April 30, 2020 of what is in stock.

April 2 2019

Convention of Conservative Clubs-Live Stream

It’s been a long post week of fixing my computer and doing taxes but finally the edit of the convention is starting to happen. I had lost a hard drive at the convention and my OS on a solid state drive was failing so it all needed to be replaced. This picture is from our live booth at the convention with Nick Phillips interviewing Jim Renacci.